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Prompt: Teen!lock, Sherlolly first kiss ;)


First and foremost, thank you so much guys for 200+ follows! I love each and everyone of you and here’s my little token of gratitude!

Hello Nonny! Thank you so much for your prompt and I do realise it’s been an age but I am really sorry!

Since I’ve read a lot of Teen!lock first kiss fics, I wanted to write something completely different and out-of-the-box! And since the prompt was very liberal… Hello, Romeo and Juliet! Even I don’t know how it occurred to me and I am not sure how it turned out, I just hope you all like it!

O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?

It was lunch time and Sherlock, John and Molly were sitting together at the canteen, when Mary came to their table to join them.

Giving John a peck on the cheek, she settled beside him. Sherlock and Molly sitting across from them.

“What took you so long?” asked Molly.

“Oh, I am sorry! I almost forgot to tell you. I have got some news.” Mary replied with a cheerful tone but not leaving behind her penchant for suspense.

“Not again. Tell us already what its about.” Sherlock said sounding bored.

“Fine, but you didn’t need to be rude Sherlock.” answered Mary, shooting daggers at Sherlock. 

Mary and Sherlock had a queer sort of friendship, both of them telling off each other all the time but it was always in good humour. Molly suspected it had something to do with how alike they were whereas John said he didn’t have any care in this world as long as they continue this because in his words ‘It is even better than the shows on telly’ .

“Oh stop it you two. Go on Mary.” replied Molly giving Sherlock her, what John called the, no shit sherlock look.

“I was passing by the notice board and they just put up the sign up lists for the annual drama.” Mary answered, squealing with delight.

“What play is it this time?” asked Molly, bouncing with joy.

“Oh, you will love this one. Its Romeo And Juliet!

“Oh my god! They are finally doing it! I have been waiting for this for years now!” replied Molly, her previous excitement increasing ten fold.

“Guess our Juliet is already geared up for it.” John teased Molly, amused by how exhilarated she was at the prospect of staging Romeo And Juliet, the classic love story.

But then that was Molly, a weird combination of a hopeless romantic and an aspiring forensic pathologist.

Molly blushed at John’s praise. True, she had been the lead in all the dramas staged till date but she was really nervous for this one. After all playing Juliet had been her dream, silly yes, ever since she had read Shakespeare’s masterpiece. 

Deciding to divert the attention from herself, she asked Mary what part she was trying for.

“I will be trying for the Nurse. Won’t even dream of auditioning against you for Juliet, you’re bloody brilliant!” 

If Molly was blushing before, she was positively as red as a tomato now.

Noticing her friend’s discomfort, Mary turned to John.

“What will you be trying for, my dear? Mary asked smirking, knowing very well how such endearments irritated Sherlock, never giving up ways to spite him.

“Mercutio. Don’t have a chance for Romeo, thanks to the bloody git here. I don’t call him a drama queen without reason.” John replied, looking pointedly at Sherlock.

Sherlock simply shrugged at the friendly accusation. “Maybe you do have a chance this time. I won’t be participating in the drama this year. Romeo and Juliet, not really my area. I was hoping they did King Lear this time. But then, what do they say about hopes.” Sherlock sighed and promptly got back to his food while John and Mary stared at him in shock while Molly seemed completely unfazed.

Why should she be shocked? Molly knew Sherlock well enough to know that he will never do a play like Romeo and Juliet and honestly, she shuddered at the thought of Sherlock as Romeo. On one hand there was Romeo, whose name had now become synonymous with lover, who gave his life because he could not imagine his world without his love Juliet and then there was Sherlock, who scoffed at sentiment, calling it a chemical defect found on the losing side of the brain and, in Molly’s opinion, didn’t have any sorts of romantic feelings for anyone. Molly reckoned that the beautiful dialogues of Romeo’s confession of his true and undying love would sound so unnatural and abysmal coming out of Sherlock’s mouth. Despite being the great actor he was, even Sherlock couldn’t manage to pull this facade off without letting a hint of mockery and disdain slip in his tone even if he wanted to. And Molly had never been this wrong.  

The school bell brought Molly out of her reverie. 

“Okay guys, we gotta go!” Molly waved her goodbyes to John and Sherlock and left for her biology class with Mary.

“Mate, are you sure you will not be auditioning for the part of Romeo?” John asked Sherlock.

“I thought my opinion on this matter was quite clear, John.”

“No, Sherlock. You aren’t thinking about it properly and don’t give me that look because I am not talking about you deducing Greg’s girlfriend dumped him by the color of his socks or that Anderson and Donovan have been making out again in the library by their odour! I am talking about your feelings for Molly.”


“No. Listen to me Sherlock. We both know that you’re head over heels for her. And don’t even try to deny it, I’ve seen how you look at her when you think none can see you.”

That shut him up and if it wasn’t Sherlock Holmes, John might have thought that he was blushing.

“Ya. So where was I? Right. You do realize that Molly will get the part of Juliet.”


“And if you don’t audition for Romeo, then you know who will get the part.”

Comprehension dawned on his face and his face now settled in an expression of disgust.

“Jim Moriarty.”

“Nice deduction. Everyone knows he has a thing for Molly who, just for your information, has the same feelings for you but has already given up, all thanks to your love is a dangerous disadvantage theory. And a play like Romeo and Juliet, the epic love story, don’t you think Moriarty will take advantage of it and make a move on her and Molly being Molly will most likely confuse her feelings with the feelings of Juliet. You might finally lose her, mate.”

As John’s monologue ended, Sherlock abruptly stood up from his chair and started walking briskly out of the canteen leaving John no choice other than following his friend.

“Where to Sherlock?”

“The notice board. To sign up for the role of Romeo.” Sherlock replied, sounding so casual like he wasn’t ever against the idea at all.

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"Alone is what I have, Alone is what protects me." 


"Alone is what I have, Alone is what protects me." 

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(I could’ve just missed something in canon btw)

- Molly has a cat named Toby.

- She watches Glee and Doctor Who (and introduced Glee to Moriarty).

- Sherlock is Baby Watson’s godfather.

- Baby Watson is a girl whose name starts with a vowel or a “C” and Sherlock absolutely adores her. (John does say the baby will be a girl in canon but the other info seems to always be there.)

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Sherlock, John, Lestrade and about twenty policemen charge into the morgue hoping it’s not too late. Instead, they’re just in time to see Molly’s impressive skills (taught by Sherlock) in disarming and incapacitating the assassin sent by Moriarty to kill her.

Using the man’s own weight and…

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blame-it-on-my-otp  commented on your post:

You are going to do a follow up, right? Please?

Well, since you asked so nicely ;)


“What did you get her?”

“Can’t you leave me in peace?”

Molly frantically bustled around the quiet flat in Sherlock’s old blue dressing gown, hurriedly checking everything was in order for her daughter’s second birthday; Sherlock had, thankfully, collected the cake and managed to find balloons. Decorations ready, Molly proudly finished off the pancakes she’d been preparing and cleared her throat dramatically.

“Come on, birthday girl, wakey-wakey,” she cooed, only to be answered by the two groans of her young daughter and man-child husband. Sighing, Molly placed her hands on her hips and smiled, “I made pancakes.”

“Jam on mine…” came the deep reply of Sherlock from his bedroom, his voice croaky from sleep.

“You’re supposed to be helping me, you lazy git,” Molly chuckled, skipping forwards and disappearing into the bedroom. But no matter how long Sherlock stared at his bedroom door, his beloved wife wasn’t going to emerge – it was amazing how fresh the memory still was.

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They met by chance one day. He’d been alone and she’d been new and she’d invaded his hiding place before he’d stepped into it, tears staining her cheeks. He’d squirmed and wriggled under her watery gaze, wanting but unable to tell her to leave.

Her deep blush and quivering smile were enough to…

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I hope you find a relationship as cute and fanfiction worthy as your OTP.

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